Play Your Best Tournament – It’s All About Preparation!

One of the biggest challenges for junior golfers (actually all golfers) is taking their game from the practice area to the golf course – then add on playing in a tournament!   The most pressure a golfer feels is during a competitive round.  Learn how to take your game from the practice range to the golf course with these simple tips from Premier Golf Academy.

Here are our tips on Preparing for Golf Tournament to play your best!

Play a practice round – It is important to see the golf course, play from the tournament yardage and see the golf course so that you can create your plan of attack.   Make sure during a practice round, you pay attention to detail – play shots from multiple locations around the green, test out the bunkers and learn about the course.  (And watch your pace of play)

Chart the golf course with a yardage book – This will assist in you in sticking with your game plan.   Many players will mark in their yardage book the slope of the greens, the best landing areas, what their game plan is off the tee.

Create a plan and stick to it – It doesn’t matter how your score is doing – your plan is your plan.   Stick to it and let it happen.   Don’t try to force things, or try a shot you have never practiced before.  A plan is created for a reason!

Fuel your body correctly – Stay hydrated and have access to balanced nutrition throughout your round. It will help your focus and your energy level to stay on top of your game!

Get enough rest – Make sure the night before, you plan time for getting your golf bag organized and ready, you have a nutritional meal and you get a good night’s rest!

Breathe and stay calm throughout your round – stay in the moment!

These tips will help you prepare and play your best during a competitive round – good luck!!

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