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Become an Elite Level Golfer

How to develop your junior into an Elite Level Golfer By Bret Knuston
PGA Member, Academy Director and Co-Founder of Premier Golf Academy, San Diego - California.

Throughout the world there are parents with enthusiastic young junior golfers that are asking themselves the same questions. What can I do to help my child’s improvement and progression at golf? What instructor and program will give my child the best opportunity to reach their full potential?  Golf today is a highly competitive sport with juniors training in professional training programs as early as 8 years old.  Professional training programs like the one we have at Premier Golf Academy include all the elements of a junior’s development from the Technical, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Personal Development, and Tournament Play.  To reach the highest level it takes years of practicing the correct skills and developing the key elements of elite level players.  The sooner your junior golfer is exposed to this type of training an…