How do you pick the best Summer Camp?

Are you looking at summer camp for your child?    Here are some factors to consider.

The camp experience is part of growing up – meeting new friends, learning new skills and being away from home – however for parents choosing the right camp can be a stressful undertaking.
  • How do you know what camp is the best?   What makes it the best?
  • Where will your child enjoy themselves the most?   
  • Where will they learn the most?
  • Is your money well spent?

Here are some factors for considering camp programs and some tips on what to compare as you look at various programs.

What is the schedule?    Many camps say they offer daily programs but their actual scheduled time for training is watered down.    At Premier Golf Academy located in San Diego, CA the training day goes from 8 am to 4 pm Monday – Friday.     And on Saturdays students may either find themselves competing in a tournament or they will be on the course with other students playing 18 holes of golf at our championship facilities.

How much attention will my child receive?   Instructor to student ratio during the training sessions is very important – what is the group size?  At Premier Golf Academy we are proud of our 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio, it means more time for one on one individual attention and less time for your child to be on their own trying to practice.   We pride ourselves on the individual attention our students receive.

Once you understand the type of attention they are receiving, ask yourself – what is the level or experience of coach they are working with?   Are they entry level and really just babysitting students – or are their past players, elite coaches who have are dedicated and passionate about junior golf?    As you can imagine, the team at Premier Golf Academy have a very diverse background from playing to teaching all over the world students of various levels.   They are the coaches working hand in hand with your child and their golf development.

The Program at Premier Golf Academy checks all the boxes, they offer the most individualized attention by an experienced staff, longer training time, very high level training components available to any junior.     Our focus is on the individual, attention and training higher. 

Reach out today to learn more about our special summer offers and how you can improve your game.

Serious Training for Serious Junior Golfers

Premier Golf Academy
San Diego, CA
Outside of the amazing Golf Training - Students have the opportunity to experience San Diego, CA with many evening activities planned.  
Academy students should remember to bring their sunglasses and sunscreen, the weather in California stay sunny  (but not too hot)!