Finding the Right Coach for you!

Are you looking for the best coach to improve your game?  Read the tips from Premier Golf Academy as you consider the best coach for you and you try to get the most out of your game!

What is their background?

How long has the coach been teaching?  What results do they have to show for their efforts?  At Premier Golf Academy, our coaching team has been in the business of coaching for over 40 years combined.   They have a proven track record of coaching, specifically juior golfers and have brought many players through the ranks from junior to college to professional golf.  Their experience and skill set is unrivaled in the junior golf world.

What is their area of expertise?

Most coaches seem to have a focus that they have been working on and towards in their career path, some are short game, some full swing, some geared toward biomechanics or technology based teaching.  You can rest assured, the team at Premier Golf Academy has the full spectrum of coaching ability and will use their multiple areas of expertise to create the best training plan for you to become your best!

What technology do they use?

Technology and teaching method are important to understand.  It is also important to understand your own learning style and that you can

Can they take you to the next level with their teaching style?  Do you want a lot of statistics or are you comfortable with video and/or feel?
Do they have the knowledge on junior gol tournaments and the path to college golf?

Many junior golfers need more than just a coach, they need someone who understands the junior process, the path to college golf.   

Your coach should be able to take you to the next level!    They should be able to recommend the best tournaments to play that are best for your game, that increase your ranking and that prepare you for junior golf.   

Sometimes you will find you hit your limit with a specific coach, you may start with a coach and then need to transition to a coach that will bring you to the next level!   Ask the right questions, keep your stats and monitor your progress! 

Keep moving forward and improving if you aren’t, have a long hard look at your game and your training program and make the best decisions for you!

About Premier Golf Academy

Premier Golf Academy, based in San Diego, California is the premier training ground for the world’s best junior golfers as they rise through the ranks. Founded by two extraordinary and accomplished coaches Bret Knutson and Greg Ehlert, their golf academy boosts an unbeatable location in San Diego, CA with 9 golf courses, and are known for the level of coaching expertise, the personalized attention and a small student-to-instructor ratio.  Knutson and Ehlert’s experience over the past 20 years in molding and developing junior golfers is unparalleled.   

Whether players are in the year-round junior golf Academy, Post Graduate Program or the award winning year round golf camps, Premier Golf Academy has programs for all ages and all levels.   To learn more visit or call 843-422-2604.