Choosing the Right College

A big decision, a four year decision, what factors should you pay attention to?   What factors should influence your decision, what factors may have minor impact on your decision?

There are many factors and criteria to consider when choosing the right college.  First and foremost remember that the right college for you is just that – for you!   Don’t let outside influences guide your decision.  Your inner self will let you know the best choice for you.

Factors Premier Golf Academy deem as important to consider

Playing Time – it is important to understand where you will fall into the playing time for your school.   Is this a school you will easily play the number one spot in?  Will you be challenged to making the traveling squad, or are you middle of the pack?   Determining your strategy for playing (not that you can’t improve or lose your spot) should be a factor in your decisions. Photo credit to

School size – Some students will thrive in a large, sprawling  campus and others may prefer a small campus.   The size of the school should be a factor in your decision, after you visit schools, you will have a good feel for the size of school that will work best for you.

Geographic location – warm weather is a plus for everyone, however there are many northern schools who have amazing indoor facilities and also have many opportunities to travel south for practice sessions to gear up for their Spring season.  Make sure the geographic location works for you.  Also consider the school size, city vs. rural, closeness to family, closeness to your golf instructor….

Facilities – What are you expectations for the facilities?   Do you want to have a practice facility specifically for the golf program?    Do you have access to courses on the weekend?  How far are they from campus?   The facility should be a factor in your decision as you start your pursuit for college golf and beyond. Make sure it fits your needs.

Academic offerings – What do most players on the team study?   Does the school provide academic support?  Is the major you are interested in offered at this school?  Academics and joining a school that helps you meet your academic needs is a must!

Team Culture – Do you understand the current culture?  Do you fit in?  If you are very involved in academics – does the team place importance on these?  If you are very competitive – do the players on the team generally compete in the off season?  Will you join a team that is driving you to be better?

Coach/Philosophy – this shouldn’t be the determining factor when deciding a school – as the coach can change.  It important to understand the coach, their process and procedures and their track record.   A good indication of the coach is speaking to current players, asking a lot of question regarding practice, qualifying and understanding if players have transferred or left the team (keep in mind these are not always coach related, but can be).

This is a big decision, do your research, visit schools, ask Questions!   Don’t get bogged down by what others are doing, don’t allows unimportant factors to seep into your decision making process.  Pick the best school for you ! And then enjoy the ride – have fun, work hard!  Being a Collegiate Athlete is an experience of a lifetime!