Are You Set Up for Success?

Foundation is the key to success for Junior Golfers.

Setting our students up for success.   We take this very seriously… below for how we do it!
With every serious junior golfer –  between training, school, competitions and being a young adult – they are almost scheduled each and every minute of the day as they work toward success in their sport.
At Premier Golf Academy, we monitor our students closely and want to share with you “our important basics” and the things we like to keep an eye on.   As their coaches we work through their development plan and assist them to reach their goals. However, without the proper basics, our training and development plans may not be as effective as they could be.
Sleep – sleep is important and has a direct impact on performance for people of all ages, not just our junior golfers.   It is important to try to keep a daily routine that allows for the amount of sleep needed.  This starts at 8 hours plus for young, growing juniors.  It is helpful to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning.  There should be no electronics/televisions on in the room or in use for at least 30 minutes prior to bed time.     Soothing quiet music may help assist with sleep.  A solid night’s sleep not only increases energy and memory but also helps prevent injury.

Nutrition – It is very important to have a balanced diet especially for growing bodies.   A well balanced diet without the addition of sugary foods or drinks goes a long way for focus throughout the day.    And breakfast is not a meal to skip – having a good meal at breakfast starts the body off correctly for the day! We educate our students on the risks of the energy drinks, caffeine and the effects on growth and development.   Junior athletes should understand what a balanced meal looks like and what snacks will help them in their quest to become their best.    For our players we recommend bananas, bars, nuts and plenty of water.

Hydration –  Speaking of water, that leads us into a discussion most adults can also join —- staying hydrated throughout the day helps a lot with overall training and performance.   If the feeling of being thirsty comes, we’ve waited too long to drink water.  Teaching your children and our junior golfers about water and its importance (versus juice or soda) is a key factor especially when they are out on the course in the middle of summer for a five-hour round.    Hydration keeps focus and energy up during the times they need it the most!

Fitness Training –  Clearly fitness training helps with endurance and maintaining energy through a round of golf or training sessions.     All serious competitors should work with a trainer, understand the proper form and stick to their training program.  Off season training is as important as in season training as this is where you can really work hard and improve your fitness training.    We want our students to become athletes and have witnessed firsthand how being in shape can help them on the course with their performance.
Setting Goals  – It seems very basic, but we strongly believe in our students having goals and understanding what it will take to hit those goals.    We will break this down into short term goals and long term goals along with action items that we need to see in order to progress towards the goals.

Priorities – This could also be called time management.   Our juniors understand that first and foremost they are student-athletes.   That means academics are key to their growth and development as a junior golfer, especially if their goal is to play collegiate golf.   If two players had similar records on the course, the academics could be a deciding factor for the coach in choosing a player for their team.    Our students learn how to manage their time and prioritize what needs to be done to hit their goals.

We are serious about taking care of the students at Premier Golf Academy and setting them up for success.  Our important basics are similar to the foundation of a golf swing.  You need a strong foundation to build on in order to achieve maximum success.    

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