A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete

Being a student-athlete is one of the most rewarding accomplishments to experience in your sport!   If you think you work hard to earn your college scholarship or spot on the team, but the reality is the hard work is just beginning!   Being a student-athlete requires you to work harder!   Now you have academics, your sport, travel, teammates and a social life to balance with a new experience of life as a college student without your parents by your side!     The great thing is you have it all, you earned it – and there is a support system to go with it!

The daily schedule for many collegiate golfers looks like the following:

6:30 am    workout

7:30 am     Breakfast

8:00 am    First Class of the day

11:00 or 12:00   Classes are ending for the day

12:00 pm     Quick Lunch

1:00 – 5:00 pm   Practice/Training/Qualifying

5:30 pm     Dinner

6:00 – 8:00 pm Study Hall

Evening     Social time and Sleep!


Now add in your travel to tournaments and add in making up for missed school work, group projects, special assignments, community work and you can see how time management as a student-athlete is important!

About that support system – you will have academic support to help you through graduation, making sure you are registered in the right classes, making sure you have tutors that can help you if you are struggling in an area and also teaching you life skills along the way.   Injury?  Let’s hope not, but if you do, on site you have a team that can help you with physical therapy work.    Feeling overwhelmed and stressed, your coaches and older teammates help you with this…the support system is 100% there for the student-athlete.

The work is never done in the life of an athlete, you can always improve and get better.   Being a student-athlete is a once in a lifetime experience, take advantage of it – work hard!

Once you have earned your college scholarship, you now work to be the best on your team, once you get your graduation from college, you will continue to work hard in the next step of your career – maybe professional?  maybe into the job market!

Keep working hard!   Don’t miss out on an opportunity to play college golf!

About Premier Golf Academy

Premier Golf Academy, based in San Diego, California is the premier training ground for the world’s best junior golfers as they rise through the ranks. Founded by two extraordinary and accomplished coaches Bret Knutson and Greg Ehlert, their golf academy boosts an unbeatable location in San Diego, CA with 9 golf courses, and are known for the level of coaching expertise, the personalized attention and a small student-to-instructor ratio.  

Knutson and Ehlert’s experience over the past 20 years in molding and developing junior golfers is unparalleled.   Whether players are in the year-round junior golf Academy, Post Graduate Program or the award winning year round golf camps, Premier Golf Academy has programs for all ages and all levels.   To learn more visit http://www.premiergolf.academy or call 843-422-2604.