Summer Golf Camp!

Now Accepting Summer Campers! Our Advance Training Camp is a 40 hour a week professional golf training program for serious junior golfers looking to gain the advantage on their opponents.
Juniors from all around the world attend Premier Golf Academy’s Advanced Training Camps because they want to train with other juniors who aspire to be great and work with a team who has trained and developed some of the best juniors and professionals in the game.
Containing all the components and advance training and practice methods of our Full-Time Junior Program, Advance Training Camps at the Premier Golf Academy allow students to experience what it’s like to train in our Full-Time Junior Program. 

Weekly training encompasses Premier Golf Academy’s five areas of specialized and individualized training:
Technical Training
Mental TrainingFitness & Athletic Development TrainingStrategy & On-Course TrainingPersonal Growth & Leadership Training
Tournament Play
Once students arrive, they are eva…

Become an Elite Level Golfer

How to develop your junior into an Elite Level Golfer By Bret Knuston
PGA Member, Academy Director and Co-Founder of Premier Golf Academy, San Diego - California.

Throughout the world there are parents with enthusiastic young junior golfers that are asking themselves the same questions. What can I do to help my child’s improvement and progression at golf? What instructor and program will give my child the best opportunity to reach their full potential?  Golf today is a highly competitive sport with juniors training in professional training programs as early as 8 years old.  Professional training programs like the one we have at Premier Golf Academy include all the elements of a junior’s development from the Technical, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Personal Development, and Tournament Play.  To reach the highest level it takes years of practicing the correct skills and developing the key elements of elite level players.  The sooner your junior golfer is exposed to this type of training an…

Choosing the Right Tournament

CHOOSE THE RIGHT JUNIOR GOLF TOURNAMENTS TO SET YOUR PLAYER UP FOR SUCCESS Choosing the right tournament schedule for your junior golf is very important. There are many factors and reasons for playing tournaments as a junior golfer, not only for their next steps in golf, but for their self confidence as well.  Playing the right tournaments allows junior golfers to stay on track for reaching their goals and best prepare them for College Golf and beyond. Here are some considerations when deciding what tournaments to play; Skill Level of the player -  Do you want to be able to go to event and easily win? Do you want a shot at winning?    It is important for understand the skill level of the junior playing the event, not putting them in over their head and not making it too easy for them.  Setting them up for growth and hunger for winning.  For example, playing your home course against the same players and winning every time isn't going to help the growth of the junior player, they nee…

Are You Set Up for Success?

Foundation is the key to success for Junior Golfers. Setting our students up for success.   We take this very seriously… below for how we do it! With every serious junior golfer –  between training, school, competitions and being a young adult – they are almost scheduled each and every minute of the day as they work toward success in their sport. At Premier Golf Academy, we monitor our students closely and want to share with you “our important basics” and the things we like to keep an eye on.   As their coaches we work through their development plan and assist them to reach their goals. However, without the proper basics, our training and development plans may not be as effective as they could be. Sleep – sleep is important and has a direct impact on performance for people of all ages, not just our junior golfers.   It is important to try to keep a daily routine that allows for the amount of sleep needed.  This starts at 8 hours plus for young, growing juniors.  It is helpful to…

How do you pick the best Summer Camp?

Are you looking at summer camp for your child?    Here are some factors to consider.

The camp experience is part of growing up – meeting new friends, learning new skills and being away from home – however for parents choosing the right camp can be a stressful undertaking.
How do you know what camp is the best?   What makes it the best?Where will your child enjoy themselves the most?   Where will they learn the most?Is your money well spent?
Here are some factors for considering camp programs and some tips on what to compare as you look at various programs.

What is the schedule?    Many camps say they offer daily programs but their actual scheduled time for training is watered down.    At Premier Golf Academy located in San Diego, CA the training day goes from 8 am to 4 pm Monday – Friday.     And on Saturdays students may either find themselves competing in a tournament or they will be on the course with other students playing 18 holes of golf at our championship facilities.

How much att…

Visiting Premier Golf Academy – San Diego, CA

Visit the Sunshine – Experience California and Premier Golf Academy
There is no better way to learn about the Academy then to come and experience what and see for yourself what we have to offer.  

We recommend visiting the Academy and can’t wait to show you our program and meet you.  
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A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete

Being a student-athlete is one of the most rewarding accomplishments to experience in your sport!   If you think you work hard to earn your college scholarship or spot on the team, but the reality is the hard work is just beginning!   Being a student-athlete requires you to work harder!   Now you have academics, your sport, travel, teammates and a social life to balance with a new experience of life as a college student without your parents by your side!     The great thing is you have it all, you earned it – and there is a support system to go with it!

The daily schedule for many collegiate golfers looks like the following:

6:30 am    workout

7:30 am     Breakfast

8:00 am    First Class of the day

11:00 or 12:00   Classes are ending for the day

12:00 pm     Quick Lunch

1:00 – 5:00 pm   Practice/Training/Qualifying

5:30 pm     Dinner

6:00 – 8:00 pm Study Hall

Evening     Social time and Sleep!


Now add in your travel to tournaments and add in making up for missed school …