A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete

Being a student-athlete is one of the most rewarding accomplishments to experience in your sport!   If you think you work hard to earn your college scholarship or spot on the team, but the reality is the hard work is just beginning!   Being a student-athlete requires you to work harder!   Now you have academics, your sport, travel, teammates and a social life to balance with a new experience of life as a college student without your parents by your side!     The great thing is you have it all, you earned it – and there is a support system to go with it!

The daily schedule for many collegiate golfers looks like the following:

6:30 am    workout

7:30 am     Breakfast

8:00 am    First Class of the day

11:00 or 12:00   Classes are ending for the day

12:00 pm     Quick Lunch

1:00 – 5:00 pm   Practice/Training/Qualifying

5:30 pm     Dinner

6:00 – 8:00 pm Study Hall

Evening     Social time and Sleep!


Now add in your travel to tournaments and add in making up for missed school …

Play Your Best Tournament – It’s All About Preparation!

One of the biggest challenges for junior golfers (actually all golfers) is taking their game from the practice area to the golf course – then add on playing in a tournament!   The most pressure a golfer feels is during a competitive round.  Learn how to take your game from the practice range to the golf course with these simple tips from Premier Golf Academy.

Here are our tips on Preparing for Golf Tournament to play your best!

Play a practice round – It is important to see the golf course, play from the tournament yardage and see the golf course so that you can create your plan of attack.   Make sure during a practice round, you pay attention to detail – play shots from multiple locations around the green, test out the bunkers and learn about the course.  (And watch your pace of play)

Chart the golf course with a yardage book – This will assist in you in sticking with your game plan.   Many players will mark in their yardage book the slope of the greens, the best landing areas, what the…

Finding the Right Coach for you!

Are you looking for the best coach to improve your game?  Read the tips from Premier Golf Academy as you consider the best coach for you and you try to get the most out of your game!

What is their background?

How long has the coach been teaching?  What results do they have to show for their efforts?  At Premier Golf Academy, our coaching team has been in the business of coaching for over 40 years combined.   They have a proven track record of coaching, specifically juior golfers and have brought many players through the ranks from junior to college to professional golf.  Their experience and skill set is unrivaled in the junior golf world.

What is their area of expertise?

Most coaches seem to have a focus that they have been working on and towards in their career path, some are short game, some full swing, some geared toward biomechanics or technology based teaching.  You can rest assured, the team at Premier Golf Academy has the full spectrum of coaching ability and will use their multip…

Choosing the Right College

A big decision, a four year decision, what factors should you pay attention to?   What factors should influence your decision, what factors may have minor impact on your decision?

There are many factors and criteria to consider when choosing the right college.  First and foremost remember that the right college for you is just that – for you!   Don’t let outside influences guide your decision.  Your inner self will let you know the best choice for you.

Factors Premier Golf Academy deem as important to consider

Playing Time – it is important to understand where you will fall into the playing time for your school.   Is this a school you will easily play the number one spot in?  Will you be challenged to making the traveling squad, or are you middle of the pack?   Determining your strategy for playing (not that you can’t improve or lose your spot) should be a factor in your decisions. Photo credit to

School size – Some students will thrive in a large, sprawling  campus and oth…